Verizon // Lunar New Year Promotion BTS

Well we’ve had some pretty cool opportunities come up here lately. One of which was the opportunity to film for Verizon in San Francisco.

To celebrate Lunar New Year, Verizon threw a concert in Union Square featuring a bunch of Youtube artists including: Jayne Rio, David So, Nicki Sun, New Heights, Jason Chen, and Kina Grannis. At the same time they ran a “Lucky Bag” promotion which they wanted to showcase in a quick, 30 second web spot. Here’s the link:

What was cool for me was that we got to take our entire team of four (Matt, Jane, Jason, and myself) along for the entire trip. Here’s some behind the scenes shots of us in action!

Thanks for stopping by! More adventures to come!



3 thoughts on “Verizon // Lunar New Year Promotion BTS

  1. It was so wonderful getting to work with your team! Words cannot describe how deeply impressed I was with the quality of work and timeliness for these past two Verizon events . Above all, I am so incredibly blessed to know another team of talented individuals and cannot wait to work with ya’ll again ❤ BAY AREA LOVE!!

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