Alyssia + Jonathan // Wedding Highlight

Earlier this summer, we had the privilege of shooting Alyssia and Jonathan’s wedding.  If there was one thing we could tell to anyone that was not there to help them get a feel for what the ceremony was like, and in fact the entire day, we would say Alyssia and Jonathan shared an incredibly genuine love for one another.  You could see it in the way that he looked at her at any point in time, or by how highly she spoke of him and how big she was smiling throughout the day.  Both had incredible families who loved them, cherished them, and knew how to celebrate with them.  We were blown away by how much energy there was during the reception, as the dancing, music, laughter, and cheering never seemed to stop.  At the end of a lively, emotional, event filled day, we departed, simply happy and thankful to have been able to witness the union of two amazing individuals and their two awesome families.

Here’s to the Amosa’s and the Mitchell’s.
More info here:

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