Woodland Park Zoo // Thrive Banquet Film

Alrite it’s finally here. Many of you have been asking to see it, well after countless hours of concepting, interviewing, attending meetings, and planet earth style animal filming, we’re super proud to finally be able to release this film.

This piece aired on March 22nd at the Zoo’s annual “Thrive” fundraiser event at a downtown Seattle hotel. It was created to act as a lead in to the “ask” where the Zoo requests the financial support of those in attendance.

The concept was to briefly touch on the Zoo’s three pillars of values: animal care, education, and conservation.

What stood out to me about this project was how easy and fun it was to work with the Zoo. We conducted a lot of interviews and I could tell that every single person we talked to really cared about the Zoo and what it represents. Many of these people were volunteers. They could be wherever they wanted, yet they chose to spend their time at the Zoo. It’s always refreshing to work with people and companies who truly care about what they do, who really love their jobs.

The real goal of this piece for us as a company was to inspire and get people to feel something in their hearts for the Zoo and the animals they care for. We learned so much from this shoot. It really opened our eyes to the great work that the Woodland Park Zoo is doing throughout the world. Hopefully you want to go to the Zoo now after watching 🙂 In my mind these are exactly the types of companies and causes that we want to work with as we move forward as a studio.

My favorite moment had to have been our visit to the animal keeper. We got to go behind the scenes with the lemurs and reptiles (like walk in the exhibit with the actual animals behind the scenes) which was really a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thank you to all of you for your support during this entire process. Special shout outs to Matt Kumasaka, Brian Hutson, Sean Shkurhan, and Ryan Sun for their help on this project.

We’ve still got one more film in production with the Zoo so check back often for more to come!

Thanks for reading!



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