Since we’re getting records amount of snow here in Seattle I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get some snow footage. All of the footage was shot in a few days and edited in less than two. Minimal gear was used.

I’ve always wanted to make a film about the snow. Problem is we get it only a few days at it each year – if that. I had been inspired by some fabulous ski videos that I had watched, but since I had no plans to trek up to the mountains I knew I had to go for something more simple.

I love watching the snow fall. There is something very inspiring about it. When I think of snow I hear the silence. Despite the literal flurry of activity around, everything is quite and there is something very magical about that. I also think of my childhood memories when I would have snowball fights with friends and family. All of these elements were incorporated into this piece. It’s my first personal piece in a while so I’m glad I got to do it while things are less busy with weddings and football.

Thanks for reading.



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